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Good news everyone– we’ve started dreaming up our animation with the clever folks at The Cultivated Word! The script is coming along really nicely, especially when it’s read with the song we’ve selected playing in the background, which is very…

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Future Shipwreck » An Awesome Book of Thanks!

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I Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You

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Hoodie Allen - “Words Of Wisdom”

Hoodie Allen is an East-Coast emcee whose album Pep Rally is available for free online. His music often samples from other notable artists like Two Door Cinema Club and The Black Keys.

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There are fires raging
some in forests
some in the minds of those you least expect.
Each will be extinguished in due time,

but which will burn the largest plot?

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The second edition of MLK Fisher’s How To Cook A Wolf gives insight into the way writers relate to their work:

[W]hen they came to print a second edition in 1952, seven years after the end of the second world war, Fisher and her editors decided to overhaul the text — but their approach is remarkable. Rather than incorporating seamless changes, Fisher’s edits are presented throughout as commentary in square brackets.

Edits are often uncomplimentary:

“There are two ways to boil rice correctly,” Fisher writes later, to which her older self responds: “[How arbitrary can you be? I should have said, ‘I think there are…!’].” And of one simple dish, she writes: “But it is dressed for the fair, in its most exciting clothes, and it can be the mainstay of a poor family’s nourishment or the central dish of a buffet supper for 20 jaded literary critics with equal nonchalance. [One of the most painful things about X’s annotating X is a sentence like this. ‘…with equal nonchalance’ should follow the phrase ‘and it can’. It is apparently more obvious to X now than in 1942. X blushes.]”

Rethinking isn’t unusual:

Tracy Kidder, became so offended by his first book, The Road To Yuba City, that he actually bought the rights from the original publisher so that it could never be re-issued.

And even:

We like to think that Thoreau went home to Concord and just wrote up his notes. He didn’t. He wrote up seven different drafts of Walden in eight years, piecing together what Margaret Fuller called the mosaic method a book that seems casual and even chatty. Probably no classic of American literature was more deliberately fashioned.

Sometimes what’s done isn’t done.

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Jeremy Messersmith -  A Girl, a Boy, a Graveyard

Through Tumblr, I discover new musicians all the time but very few of them I immediately take a liking to. Someone I follow posted a Youtube video of Jeremy Messersmith a few days ago and his 2010 album, The Reluctant Graveyard, is now in heavy rotation in my iTunes.

Some critics have made the argument that Messersmith’s three first albums are a sort of trilogy; which is particularly apt considering he is a huge Star Wars fan.

More folksy and quiet than the rest of the album, A Boy, a Girl, a Graveyard is more of a story than a song. With its soft acoustic guitar, violins, echoing vocals with beautiful lyrics. It’s a combination I’m a for which I am a complete sucker.

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From a historical perspectivethere is something to be saidfor the fact that there are entire storesin this city of citiesdevoted strictly to the sale of cupcakes.



From a historical perspective
there is something to be said
for the fact that there are entire stores
in this city of cities
devoted strictly
to the sale of cupcakes.

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Cortship: Kaleidoscope Days http://courtship.bandcamp.com (FREE DOWNLOAD)

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